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Donor Management Systems

Donor Management Systems

The Donor Management System (DMS) is a core application for many nonprofits and is the hub for fundraising, donor record management, and online engagement. Our newest study of nonprofit use and satisfaction with these products and services launched in the fall of 2013, and is undertaken in collaboration with NTEN.

  • What are the most commonly used Donor Management Systems (DMS)?
  • How often do nonprofits upgrade or change their DMS?
  • How satisfied are nonprofits with donor management systems? In what areas are they most satisfied? Least satisfied?
  • Which of these areas are most and least important to these nonprofits?
  • How does the use and satisfaction vary by nonprofit size and type?

The Lehman Reports study of donor management systems has answers

The Lehman Reports Donor Management Study is designed to address these questions to help both provider companies and associations be more successful.

A summary report geared around the needs of nonprofit decision makers is available at no cost. A detailed market and competitive analysis designed for provider companies is available by subscription.

2017 Lehman Reports DMS Datasheet (pdf)

This annual study is conducted in collaboration with NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network.
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