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Association Technology

Association Technology

Associations increasingly employ a number of technology products and services to enhance member engagement, market association products and services, email communications effectiveness, conference participation, and conduct e-commerce and membership business online. Taken together they are critical investments to enable these organizations to advance their mission, achieve strategic goals, and provide a high level of member services.

  • How are associations leveraging technology to advance their goals?
  • What technology products and services are they using and in what combinations? What are the trends?
  • How well are these products and services working?
  • How well are outcomes meeting expectations?
  • Where should an association start? What are other associations like our using? 
  • How can providers better align with needs and expectations?

The market for these applications has changed significantly in the past several years. Several companies have merged or been acquired, and several more have received substantial outside investment. Competing successfully in the market is more challenging than ever and now requires an eye toward being attractive to a growing number of interested investors.

The Lehman Reports study of association technology has answers

The Lehman Reports Association Technology study is designed to address these questions to help both provider companies and associations be more successful.

Market information and satisfaction from this study is broadly disseminated through articles, blog posts, conference presentations and citations in publications and presentations by others. Additional reporting is offered to association professionals who participate in the research. Contact us for more information.

A detailed level of market and competitive intelligence reporting is available to technology provider companies through a paid subscription.

2017 Technology Study data sheet for technology providers (pdf)